Hi there! My name is Dairon(/Daɪron̩/), and I’m a Cuban software engineer living in sunny Florida. I use to hack mostly with Python, Erlang, Linux and other daemons. I’ve been playing around with computers since i was 14 and have played with many technologies during the time. I am a Free Software and Open Source advocate and my main interests are concurrent programming and real-time technologies.

My open source projects

  • ElM & Erlang products catalog - Example products catalog built with Elm frontend and Erlang backend.
  • Channels Lights Control - Demo app with Django Channels to control Lights over websockets. Made for PyStPete meetup.
  • Homebrew VerneMQ - VerneMQ(https://vernemq.com) formulae for the Homebrew package manager.
  • HTTP2COM - Service that makes bi-directional communication between HTTP and Serial Port. Can be used with javascript for web apps that need to communicate with local hardware.
  • Alignet VPOS Python Library - This is a Python module that allows to receive payments using the services of Alignet; a gateway for many banks in the Latin America region.
  • Guajiro - Insanely fast high-productivity web services framework built for microservices.

Disclamer: All my thoughts on this site are of my own and doesn't represent any employer or company.